JTT Innovation

A subsidiary and Business arm of EdenWorld Initiative leading consultancy, project management, and data management solution provider.

About JTT Innovations

JTT INNOVATION AND GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED is a subsidiary and Business arm of EdenWorld Initiative leading consultancy, project management, and data management solution, provider.

We offer a comprehensive range of resources and services in project management, data management, consultancy, and human resources services to our clients. The firm was established to comprehensively meet the needs of its clients by adding value to their business and over years of its existence, the organization has embarked on projects in a similar task which within a short time made her emerged as a reference point.
The organization is committed to good service delivery based on the experience of the team members in the private and public sectors. Our objective is to ensure quality delivery to our clients when we are chosen to execute their projects through clear communication and follow-through procedures. We take pride in our delivery, thus our clients can always be assured that only experienced and qualified people are serving them at all times.

Our Vision: To be a leading world-class global resource organization providing clients with a sustainable solution 

Our Mission: To help our clients achieve their business objectives by providing innovative solutions through the application of modern technology and methods in service delivery.

Our Management Team: The business is driven by a management team with adequate years of experience in the relevant industries. They proactively get feedbacks, review work processes and communicate key learning points.

Our Services

Project References

1. Federal Government of Nigeria Anchor Borrowers Scheme

Date: 11/2018 – 2/2019 

Client: AgroMall 

Location: Ondo State 

Description of Project: Anchor borrowing scheme is a program put in  place to boost agricultural production 

Main Objective: Verification of selected farmers for anchors  borrowing scheme 

2. Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources - Farmers Enrolment

Date: 6/2020 – 9/2020
Client: FMARD
Location: Ondo State

Description of Project: The Project seeks to profile the farmers in the state for Federal government input support.
Main Objective: Computation of the farmer’s data and mapping of farm plots to ensure existence.