The Maasai women are one of those benefiting from the innovative methods of Justdiggit. While a greener land can contribute to biodiversity, it also gives returns to human livelihood.  Ecosystem regreening is important to cool down the earth and support biodiversity, it’s effectiveness in terms of people’s participation can scale up if it also supports their livelihood.

 Justdiggit has shared its innovative methods and approach towards ensuring a cool planet, biodiversity conservation, and livelihood support. “This method is a sustainable one”’ said Senne van ‘’t Hof (impact communication manager Justdiggit).

Their first method is Rainwater Harvesting. This method involves opening the earth’s top layers to create bunds and then wait for the rain to infiltrate into the earth. While this method allows seeds in the earth to sprout, they have been able to dig 185,000 bunds in Africa. For Justdiggit, “KISIKI HAI” referred to as smart pruning has also proved as a method to turn tree stumps into trees with them planting 6, 300,000 trees in Africa to regreen the ecosystem and cool down the earth. Their third method is a way of empowering the Maasai women using the grass seed bank approach. This method empowers women to sow, harvest, and sell grass seeds.

For every innovative solution to the problem, the result always shows if it can be adopted or not. Justdiggit has seen a significant effect in the increasing biodiversity restoration, livelihood support, water availability, and positive effect in the regional climate using their approach.

The innovative technique used by Justdiggit was the Green Talk of the day. Humans are increasingly influencing the climate and the earth’s temperature through their activities, while this is a huge concern to the planet and biodiversity that hold the planet, there is a need for innovative solutions to ensure that the planet is sustainable for the current generation and future generation while contributing to biodiversity conservation, food production, and sustainable livelihood.

Recording on the GREEN TALK between EdenWorld and JUSTDIGGIT can be found here (31) EdenWorld Green Talk w/JUSTDIGGIT – YouTube

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